About Nova Advanced Imaging Inc.

  Mission Statement

To specialise in the Digital Xraying of industrial products and commercial structures.


We will be the leader in providing Digital Xray images to clients globally.

  Core Purpose

To build long term client relationships based on trust, performance and value.

  Core Values

Leadership, Innovation, Customer Satisfaction.

NOVA ADVANCED IMAGING was established to address a shift in the traditional concrete inspection market

Radioactive isotopes and the processing of film are slow and time consuming. GPR scanning takes a toll on clients due to inaccuracies and the countless dollars spent on fixing electrical conduit lines. So, in 2011 the search began to find the safest, most advanced and efficient portable digital xraying system for the inspection of concrete. 2014 Nova was formed with knowledgeable management, hard work and a persistence to find the answer. Today, the Nova team is growing by:

  • Anticipating each client's needs and meeting them with exceptional service;
  • Performing in a consistently safe, efficient, professional manner; and
  • Building long-term client relationships based on trust, performance and value.

As the underlying ethos of NOVA, this mission is the guiding force behind each client engagement, and it is the reason for our continual strength and reputation for excellence in Non-Destructive Testing.


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