Why Choose NOVA?

Nova Advanced Imaging   Conventional Radiography
Digital Xray Sensor (panel)    Film
 Environmentally Friendly    Film Processing Chemicals  Are Required
 Images Are Immediate, Within Seconds    Film Has To Be Processed In A Dark Room
 Analysis is on the spot Within Seconds    Analysis Is After Film Processing
 Images Can Be Enhanced For Clarity    No Image Enhancement
 Images Can Be Shared.... Email or Dropbox    Scanning of Film Is Required
 Other Trades Can Work Alongside Inspection Technicians    No Trades Permitted On Site During X-Raying

Instant Imaging

Xray images are immediately available on screen, allowing instant analysis; saving critical time and money. Quick set up and short exposure times expedite the imaging process. We produce exceptional, high quality xray images.

Highest Image Quality

With the use of image correction filters, images generated by NOVA ADVANCED IMAGING INC. have a dynamic range of 16 bit high resolution. Even small details can be detected using advanced software features.




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