Concrete cutting & coring has been our expertise since 1988 and now we are leading the NDT industry in the Digital Xray imaging of Concrete.

NOVA uses the latest digital xray technology to provide critical information on objects embedded within a concrete slab as well as other potential problem areas within existing structures.  NOVA will plot the location of obstructions directly onto the surface, giving the contractor a clear indication of where it is safe to drill or cut.  Additionally, we make your experience with us safe and cost-effective by eliminating “unknowns”.

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Oil & Gas

Radiographic Testing (RT) produces an image electronically, rather than on film, resulting in very little lag time between the item being exposed to radiation and the resulting image. Real Time Radiography allows the user to detect corrosion under insulation easily and rapidly.  It also enables components to be moved and rotated during the inspection, which results in better inspection coverage at higher inspection speeds.  Radiographic Testing is used to detect discontinuities in ferrous and nonferrous castings, welds or forgings using X-ray radiation. RT reveals both external and internal defects, internal assembly details and changes in thickness. 

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