In order to meet international standards, Nova Advanced Imaging has adopted the SNT-TC-1A standard for the qualification and certification of its non-destructive testing personnel performing Digital Xraying. Clients are assured that the images they receive are captured in a safe and reliable manner.

When performing radiographic operations Nova Advanced Imaging Inc. technicians follow the procedures outlined in the Nova Advanced Imaging General Procedures Manual for assuring safe work practices while performing industrial radiography at client facilities. The procedures and techniques in performing day to day operations are especially important if radiation exposure is to be minimized. It is important to follow the instructions set out in this E.C.P as they will minimize the possibility of exposure to you, clients and the general public.

Nova Advanced Imaging Inc. uses the latest portable Direct Radiography (DR) imaging system. Direct Radiography exposes a digital panel unlike conventional x-raying, which uses film.

Nova uses one of two portable x-ray generators. The “pulsed x-ray source” is a lightweight x-ray generator that operates on its own removable battery pack. The Evo 300d source is a large x-ray generator that operates on 110v power. The source has a large variance in kV and mA, which requires larger exclusion zones and x-rays can last up to 3 minutes in length.

When performing Digital X-Raying it is necessary to carefully evaluate the area that requires x-raying. The intended area in front of the unit, behind, above, and below the intended area needs careful examination to determine what level of shielding the surrounding structures will provide and to establish if digital x-raying can be performed. Nova technicians will determine this on the initial site visit to ascertain the overall safety considerations of performing industrial radiography at that location. Work locations where workers or other persons are exposed to the hazards of radiation will be identified with signs, placards, or barrier tape.

The factors of time, distance and shielding are to be considered in each radiography exposure made.

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