In order to meet international standards, Nova Advanced Imaging has adopted the SNT-TC-1A standard for the qualification and certification of its non-destructive testing personnel performing Digital Xraying. Clients are assured that the images they receive are captured in a safe and reliable manner.

Nova Advanced Imaging uses:

  • An electronic pulsed Xray source, which has no ratio-active material
  • The pulsed Xray source generates Xrays through the high voltage bombardment of a tungsten target within an oil filled lead casing
  • As an added safety feature, the pulsed source produces an audible alarm when Xraying. This alarm cannot be turned off or bypassed.

Exclusion zones are established by our technicians based on the intended work area. Exposure is limited to a maximum of 18 seconds and images are viewed within seconds on a computer screen.

Shielding (behind walls) and distance are the best way to minimize radiation exposure. During an exposure, you should stay as far from the source of radiation as possible.

This great new system does not require the transportation of dangerous goods such as a gamma ray source or the toxic chemicals used in film development. 

Nova Advanced Imaging is constantly redeveloping its policies to ensure the highest level of safety whithin our industry.

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