Concrete Cutting & Coring


Conventional coring, upside down coring or vacuum base coring. Coring of holes from ½” to 16”. Servicing residential & commercial plumbing, mechanical and electrical contractors

Wall sawing

Cutting of concrete walls or suspended slabs.
Husqvarna 360 System
6” to 18” thick walls/slabs
Foundation wall sawing for door or window openings.
Demolition, removal & disposal of your concrete.

Slab Sawing

Diesel or Gas powered slab saws. Concrete or Asphalt.

Cutting concrete floors for new or reno’d restaurants, residential homes or light industrial locations for plumbing or electrical upgrades or new services.

Electric Slab Sawing

This slab saw creates no fumes. 
100amp 3 phase power source required. Cutting indoors where there is insufficient air flow for diesel or gas slab saws. New or reno’d restaurants, office spaces or any commercial tenant improvement.

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