Digital Xray Imaging


Nova Advanced Imaging was established to address a shift in the traditional Concrete Inspection Market. As many companies began to search for faster and more cost effective ways to inspect concrete, Nova rose to the challenge. Nova provides the market with the safest, most advanced and cost efficient Digital Xraying solution.
The Xray source is a lightweight Xray generator that operates on its own removable battery pack. The source is of the pulsed Xray type that produces Xray pulses of very short duration (50 nanoseconds). Typically concrete Xrays take 9 to 18 seconds to complete.

Advantages of Nova Advanced Imaging

Advanced Technology

Our advanced software enables us to provide
our clients with high quality Digital Xray Images
viewable on their desktop, tablet or mobile device

Instant Imaging

Digital Images are available in seconds
No waiting - No film to develop
View images by email or digital file sharing

Safe and Cost Effective

No radioactive isotopes or toxic chemicals to transport
Save money by decreasing jobsite shutdown times
We can be anywhere you need us to be as we do not
require a Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificate

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