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    No Film, No Waiting
    We offer the latest technology
    in non-destructive testing
  • The latest technology

    High Quality Digital X-ray Images can be viewed by decision makers remotely within minutes.
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    Our Digital X-ray Imaging is the fastest, safest and most cost-effective choice
    for your NDT requirements
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Nova Advanced Imaging Inc.

High Quality Digital X-ray Images

Concrete ~ Oil & Gas ~ Aerospace ~ Security ~ Marine Engineering

Advanced Technology

Our advanced software enables us to provide
our clients with high quality Digital X-ray Images
viewable on their desktop, tablet or mobile device

Instant Imaging

Digital Images are available in seconds
No waiting - No film to develop

Safe and Cost Effective

Stop worrying about harmful gamma rays or toxic chemicals
Save money by decreasing facility shutdown times

Our images look great on desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect on mobile phones!

Recent Projects

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